The 8K Raffles.

So when i was raising money for my first tit surgery, i ran a raffle for 1000 Tokens on any can site, you could get a raffle ticket. If you won, you got an 8K BOX and 100GB of my 8K porn. The winner of that first raffle was Iggy.

Iggy Recently received his Box and is very happy with his 8K experience! Now i need to rebuild the studio and book a second titjob and prepare my studio for a lesbian show. This time i want more people to be able to play. So there are several hundred tickets up for grabs, 501 tokens per ticket this time. There will be runner up prizes too. So tune into my live shows and get yourself a ticket, make sure you include your twitter handle in the tip note…

You can view the Previous Draw here:

Cant wait for a raffle, you can get all my 8K porn in one money saving bundle here.

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