Going to England… Hit the UK wishlist

I am going to England in a few days, catching up with my old friends, meeting with one of the Editors on Slut Trek! Picking up anything that’s been delivered from my https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/Z8U5FFO3P4I7 (Amazon UK) wishlist. This is a prime time for any of my UK boys to spoil me and order me things for productions as i will be there to collect it from the UK shipping address personally and not get hit with customs charges!

The UK wishlist is smaller than most of the others as it relies on me picking things up or having them forward so i don’t promote them so hard. But if there is anything delivered i will do an unboxing.

I am leaving for the UK on the 26th of November and coming back at the start of December. I wont likely be able to shoot any fresh porn, but i will be getting some editing done with slut trek, hopefully finishing one of the scenes special effects while i am there.

Make sure you hit my clip stores to get your dose of Natali while i am gone as the Slut Trek series is expensive and due to the time it takes to fund raise and get together props its taking almost a year an episode. So the more you help the faster it gets. It would have been great if i could have afforded to go for 2 weeks and filmed a number of the sex scenes in one go, but that is what it is. You can still send slut trek props there and i can fly for a weekend to shoot at the start of next year, if you want to see some more trek!

Stay sexy people and again check the stores and wishlists to support the future of the slut trek universe!

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